Eurovision 2017

So, in the spirit of last minute blogging (which is my life at the moment) and in honour of Eurovision 2017 starting in half an hour, I thought it would be cool to do a quick run down of some of my favourite Eurovision songs. I had planned to do an entire Eurovision blog post but sadly the depression demon reared it’s ugly head today, but hopefully these few song recommendations will do to get you all in the Eurovision mood!

These are in no particular order because I simply cannot choose between them!:

  1. UKRAINE – Ruslana: Wild Dances (one of my allllllll time favourites)

2. LATVIA – Aminata: Love Injected (still gives me complete goosebumps)

3. TURKEY – Sertab Erener: Everyway that I can (again, one of my all time favourites and earliest Eurovision memories)

4. DENMARK – Emmelie De Forest: Only Teardrops

5. SWEDEN – Loreen: Euphoria (Come on, how can you not?)

6. SWEDISH HOSTS – Love love peace peace (I don’t think I’ve ever seen the internet break so much before)

7. And of course, last years winner UKRAINE: Jamala – 1944 (which still continues to make me speechless)


So with only 15 minutes to go, get ready for the annual taking over of the internet, complete chaos and prepare for Britain to get the heck booed out of them this year!

Check out my twitter to keep up to date with the live tweets.

EST. 2015 (1)



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