Discussion | Balancing Reading with the Rest of your Life

It’s only the first month of 2018 and already I have read 10 books this month! Considering that I only read a total of 24 throughout 2017, this is a huge improvement for me. I used to sit in awe at some of my book blogging friends as they seemed to steamroll through books and I am still in awe of a lot of these people. Because although I have read a lot of books this month, I haven’t really done anything else with my life?

I only work part-time on the weekends at the moment so I have a lot of free time during the week to do… well, whatever I want really. I could go visit friends I haven’t seen for ages, go on little trips out to museums or galleries, attend public lectures… I live in London so the list of what I could do with my time is pretty much endless. But instead I’ve spent pretty much every single day when I’m not working sat at home doing the same activities every single day; reading, cleaning, looking after the dog, blogging, watching Pointless at 5.15pm every day, eating, reading, going to bed.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with any of this. If routine is very much a thing you need or are happy with, then keep doing it! The point of this post is more personal to me, in that I’m finding it really difficult to get out of a routine which, essentially, traps me inside my own house.

When I finished university in September, I was full of ideas of what I could do with my spare time. The fact I hadn’t seen any of my friends for months or actually gone out and properly enjoyed myself was all blamed on studying. But now that I’m finished studying, I am still very much stuck in the same rut of my house-based routine. It’s not something that I feel is good for my health and wellbeing. Rather than going out, experiencing different things, seeking real-world social interaction from people other than my partner and my dog, I confine myself to my own home with excuses.

‘There’s too much cleaning to do’, or ‘I haven’t got enough money’, or ‘I don’t want to leave the dog on his own too much’, or ‘I’m just too tired to go out’.

This has been a problem I have gotten myself into over the past few years and it’s not something I particularly want to continue. I have the money and the time to be going out, so I really need to break this isolation I seem to have placed on myself. Of course, I still want to make time for reading but why sit at home reading when I could read while I’m at? At coffee shops, in the park, on the train.

For February, I want to set myself some goals to regularly leave the house 2-3 times a week where I go and do different stuff. When I do go out, I find I tend to go to the same places all the time rather than venture further and I feel like there’s a lot I miss out on by going to the same local shopping center all the time!

If you’re a book blogger, is this a trap you feel you have also fallen into? Do you have any tips on managing your time between your reading and book blogging activities, and out of the house life?

I’d really love to hear from others as to how they manage to balance their life so please do drop a comment below or drop me a tweet @RedRocketPanda with your thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “Discussion | Balancing Reading with the Rest of your Life

  1. I feel like this is definitely an easy trap to fall into! I experienced a lot of self-induced isolation while I was unemployed, even though I had all of these goals and things I was trying to do. Currently, I’ve found a good balance on weekends. I’ll usually go to my local coffeeshop for a couple hours in the morning/early afternoon and even if I spend the rest of the day at home, it still feels nice to have gotten out. And it doesn’t require much travel if I’m feeling tired. I hope that you find a balance that makes you feel good. 🙂

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  2. This is such a great post, because it’s true that for the most part, reading IS a really isolating activity. Unless you’re reading to/with someone, you’re generally by yourself, and for people like me, need absolute silence (so hanging out while others watch tv/play games, etc. is a no-no). It gets lonely. And when you’re trying to reach a book-reading goal I feel like it can build up, especially if you simply don’t have a lot of free time. Right now I admittedly don’t read as much as I wish I could because there are simply too many other things I have and want to do, and trying to find that balance is tricky.

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  3. I think this is definitely something that can happen pretty easily. I have to say the only good thing about my job is the long commute I have 3-4 times a week. This makes it possible for me to read a lot. Starting now I’ve been trying to use Sundays as blogging days and do as much for the week as I can. Otherwise I have the stress of having to do stuff at night. It’s definitely a journey to find the right balance. I think your goals are amazing though!

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