Blog Hiatus

Hey everyone.

If you’ve visited my blog recently you may have noticed that things have started to change around here. That’s because, after a year of indecision and anxious guilt, I finally upgraded my wordpress account and have started my blog redesign!

I’ve bought my domain name, chosen a new theme for a fresher look, and added some new pages in. But I’m not done yet. I’m currently in the annoying and lengthy process of trying to redesign new post headers which is proving to be a real pain as I am terrible at design, need to design my blog logo, and have a bit more organising to do before I can truly launch the new design.

As such, I’ve decided to go on a hiatus while I’m finishing up all of the work to speed up the process and hold back content for when things look all shiny so it’s even more enjoyable!

Hope you like the look so far and the direction that my blog is heading in. I’ll still be around commenting on all of your posts but no new content will be posted for the next week or so ❀

See you all then!

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